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Last Perfect Day
mjwhitte... - Moe, IN - 27Apr2013 8:32 PM
My version of LPD is a tad bit different than this one. Brady's inaudible pseudoBrit voc's don't nearly match the quality of the backing trax. (Your niece Sara will be doing the voc's on my take....)
Keep up the good work!

Good stuff
Dan Peccia (peccia... - Portland , USofA - 29Jun2005 10:25 PM
Stumbled accross your site by accident and am happy to start downloading some Vergiftung. I have vaugue and drunken memories of a live Vergiftung show where I played an orange stool and various bits of metal hung by strings with no skill but much passion. It was at a party at the Loach house many, many years ago. Good stuff. Hope all are well.

brady branam
indyquist... - indpls, in - 4Jun2005 10:02 PM
looking for brady branam. if anyone speaks to him, please tell him krista lane says hi. thanks.

Buddy Epsen is dead
Johnakni... - Indianapolis,In - 17Jul2003 7:46 PM
Dear Vergiftung,
Buddy Epsen is dead. Happened last week.
Yes,I am still in contact with the Belgian Waffles. I saw them a few weeks ago in Louisville. They did the Rocket form the Tombs standard NonAlignment Pact plus John Cale's Fear with a sort of Third Uncle(Eno version) vibe plus brand new songs you never heard of.
Embarrassingly,I unsuccessfully tried to establish civilized contact with Indoor Boy. I guess part of being hip is still saying prog is bad. If there is any justice in the world,Don's children will grow up to be rebellious teenagers with Yes and Genesis records blasting away on their stereos. I have noticed there are at least two new bands today that sound like Indoor Boy(of 1996-7): Interpol and Archvisceral Parlour. Interpol is famous. Archvisceral Parlour are not. I would go to a new Indoor Boy concert,but I don't want to get into a fist fight because I may accidentally mention Don sounds almost as good on guitar as Robert Fripp. Its not easy having my own individual musical taste these days.
What type of music are you doing these days?I have been doing some things with samples that you may find interesting. One of my projects will involve abusing technology to construct a Genesis song solely out of Belgian Waffles samples(yes,they hate prog too). Perhaps another will be a hip hop song made out of Indoor Boy bits.(I already consider Indoor Boy to be prog,so it would be pointless to reassemble them back into it). Do you know how I can contact Negativland?
Thank you,
John A Knight

We totally should, dude.
mns... - raleigh, north cakalak - 9Jun2003 8:10 PM
A reunion to end all reunions.

Plastic Bono Band
janxd... - janxville - 26May2003 7:56 AM

janxd... - naked boy running around screaming - 22Jan2003 9:18 PM
i love david. im sorry you got married, you wank. come visit me,(or did you?) or ill be forced to come visit you,,,,enough said, i hope you are happy, and kiss that cuterthanshit pooch of for me........see you at burningman2003?

Hello David!
(x)indoor_boy... - Don Baker - 25Jun2002 2:31 PM
Hey David, how the hell are ya?

How're things in California? Things are cool here. I moved to Chicago about 5 years ago, got sick of being in a band, bought a 3-flat, became a landord, became interested in DJ-ing and beat-making, only to realize I needed to be in a band again. So Indoor Boy is back, but in a more concise/mature pop format. (see, no snide comments about my first effort on the web, David!)

I saw my name in a year-old comment on this board, and had to respond to John Knight's comments about Vergiftung. I played guitar on a couple of Vergiftung songs back in 93 or 94, but was never a member of Vergiftung, which admittedly had changed a great deal from earlier incarnations. I had indeed heard of Beligian Waffles and had heard a cassette version of Audrey Hepburn before tracking guitar for the Vergiftung version. Roman Candles was a 4-track solo project from my hazy days in Lafayette; the only time I ever played a King Crimson cover was in a sucky cover band in my hometown when I was 18. Yes, it was "21st Century Schizoid Man," and no I had not heard it at that point cuz I hate prog rock.

John does bring the question back up . . . What happened to Brady? I used to run into him at about every show I went to, but that ceased a few years back. Do you keep in contact with him, David?

I'd also like to send a shout out to Rob West! Kate lives upstairs from me, and she has your picture on her fridge!

David, write if you get a chance!


vergiftung... - Rob West - 3Jun2002 10:59 AM
David -
Here's a hazy memory from your past. I still
have samples you created for me on my now
aging Ensoniq ASR-10. I think of you and
Vergiftung each time that ancient box comes
alive, and hums the mantra of sixty cycles.

Rob West - Purduevian, now Seattle-ite.

vergiftung, come home!!
kissmychappedlipps... - janxd - 11May2002 2:16 PM
I think you should come back to Lafayette and have a reunion show...a little bitta country, a little bitta rock n roll..a little bit of noisy feedback mingling with bad vocals...

: )

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