gimme another (Tushar Saxena) writes:

> I was wondering how many people in this world think the same way that I do.
> I feel that rock music is one of the few forms of music today which has
> emotional and musical content. In the same breath I want to say that most
> of the modern pop music is nothing but crap (esp. rap , funk etc). These
> things are anything but music. If you know anything about algorithms,
> here is an algo to describe rap:
from (i=start of song) to (i=end of song) do

{ bing ;

line 1: i undefined
line 1: start undefined
line 1: syntax error
line 4: bang undefined
line 5: bing undefined
line 6: syntax error
1 from (i=start of song) to (i=end of song) do
e ----------^--- Inserted keyword procedure
E -----------------^--- Malformed declaration
E ---------------------------------------^--- Malformed declaration
E ---------------------------------------^--- Unrecoverable syntax error

gimme another

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