I'd like to share some of the 73,658 spam messages I've received..
From: janetta Desilets <cojoqggmhh@abmodular.com>
Date: 2005-11-19 17:33:50
Subject: Winning St0ck Picks, Don't Miss CYI0. 0B..retain

From: "Owen Sadler" <owen.sadler_io@x4u2.desy.de>
Date: 2004-10-10 16:17:56
Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?b?SW1tZWRpYXRlIERlbGl2ZXJ5IG9mIENpYWxbaXM=?=

Subject: Free Massage Chiars

From: California Special Offer <oyu@b189146.blueskydonkey91.net>
Date: 2005-10-09 22:34:53
Subject: spamee_firstname, Enjoy Clearer Sharper Vision NOW! in Woodland, CA

Subject: Re: Your Web Site Advertising Confirmation Code #3668

Gimme another random serving, please


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