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Last Perfect Day
mp3 Brian Wilson melodies abound (or something).. Featuring dreamy guitar sample from the Jazz Butcher tune Rosemary Davies World Of Sound, and a studio drum loop from Poi Dog Pondering's Frank Orrall.
Flibberty Jib
mp3 We played a rave billed as Linda McCartney On Tour.. Halloween gig with Whittemore, Bruce (ex-Fuzz Factor) Stevens on guitar. Matt sharp provided beats for this Ken Nordine "cover".
mp3 We played a rave billed as Linda McCartney On Tour.. Halloween gig with Whittemore Bruce (ex-Fuzz Factor) Stevens on guitar.
Perpetually Thursday
mp3 We played a rave billed as Linda McCartney On Tour.. Halloween gig with Whittemore Bruce (ex-Fuzz Factor) Stevens on guitar. Me singing a Brady song.
Orbit mp3 A Big Ballad. Jessica called it the Radio Tune.
O Danny Boy mp3 This was the first piece recorded as the Sharp/Whittemore Vergiftung duo. Yes.. This is indeed a 21 minute piece. All improvised and multitracked under the influence of drunken inspiration. We think it is still quite enjoyable for those who appreciate such things.
Thing mp3 Shamefully vaguely Bruce Hornsby.
Soon (MBV remix) mp3 Got the new My Bloody Valentine single. Remixed it.
Lost In Her Head mp3 Country & western disco pop. Amazing what you can do by bouncing tracks between 2 DAT machines and overdubbing simultaneously. Recorded in one evening. Brady sings to a hat stand. Delightful slide-guitar work by Martin Stebbing.
Audrey Hepburn mp3 Big Happy Beat-y. Lyrics by The Belgian Waffles. Tune by Sharp/Whittemore. Bassline sample from the original Belgian Waffles version. "Grunge" guitar by Roman Candle's Don Baker.
C'est Bon mp3 Dortmunder beer rules
Club Entropy mp3 You'll never guess where the string sample came from.
Girlfriend mp3 No one seems to like this song but me, and I think it rocks. Brady's hopelessly hopeless vocal stylings crack me up on this one. The whimpy guitar isn't bad, either.
Resolution mp3 Ambient, instrumental. At volume, this one can rip your bowels open. A beautiful, moody, self-contained dream world. I hope you enjoy it.
Among The Ruins mp3 Introspective, sensitive guy ballad. I like the reverbed kick that sounds like a heartbeat.
I'll Take Vermont mp3 Bowie, or something.
The Chux Of Luv mp3 From the now infamous National Soil Erosion Sound Laboratory recording sessions. The payback is in the subtle details.
Cicero and Devon mp3 A bastardization, years after the fact, of a simple geetar strumming whimsy. Features the lovely Signals from the Planet A.M. and a deliberately amateurish jungle drum loop.
Moon River mp3 Deep experimentation adlib between Whittemore and Sharp. You've been warned.
The Sandwichmaker mp3 Brady is lost in the kitchen.
mp3 Groovy
Urgent/Aid mp3 Straight-up tech-disco
Lake Effect Snow mp3 Swirly
Actually, It Occurred To Me mp3 Matt Sharp accosts Ms Hollingsworth's answering machine late at night. Worth waiting around for the end.
Maggots mp3 Matt Sharp, Jody Long and I try my neighbor's patience.
So Sue Us mp3 Matt Sharp and I bastardize some samples of the Purdue pacifist band Icemakers Of The Revolution. This was a limited-edition release on re-used cassettes that sold for 33 cents (after tax). The Icemakers were perplexed. As you probably will be.
Whale mp3 Justified ambient disco epic.
Why? mp3 Damnit! Outta My Head!
Filth mp3 Brady crucifies a Black Eg tune.
Pepto Bismol mp3 Sick, confused
The Beer Song mp3 Bell-like sounds from playing samples past their range.
The Beer Song (live) mp3 Opening for (Trade)Mark Gunderson of the Evolution Control Committee (ECC) at the Acme Art Co. in Columbus Ohio.
(Dis)Continuity mp3 Matt and I (or was it Jody), probably drunk (see?), improvising on dueling samplers
Carrie Newcomer (On The Rack) mp3 A 2-second voice sample of Carrie Newcomer, stepped-through veeerrryyy sssslllloooowwwwlllyyyy.
Darling Nikki mp3 My adopted son Jody sings the Prince song through pitch shifters.
Pluto mp3 An adaptation of the M, Walking On The Water tune.
Shindig (original) mp3 Timothy Leary raps to a nice 10-bar loop.
Stepping Out mp3 My adopted son Jody pretends he has a diva's viking hat on and sings the Joe Jackson song.
Up Around Devon mp3 Noise. And lots of it.
Whale (Studio) mp3 A now-wiped version of Whale as recorded onto 2" tape.
Von Dammerung Revenge mp3 In 1992, Pat Fish was accosting me with Black Eg cassettes, so I decided to retaliate a bit. This is a massive, 23-minute, 30Meg free-form composition.
I've Lost My Hold (live) mp3 28Sep1991, multi-band end-of-summer event sponsored by Von's Records of West Lafayette, IN. This is a killer Matt Sharp composition, which completely blew away anything done by the disco fag band which played after us.
Pluto (live) mp3 28Sep1991, a live version of Pluto, with Jody mixing his wacky cassettes and John Davison playing live drums.
My Funny Valentine (live) mp3 28Sep1991, a John Davison/Matt Sharp arrangement of the classic, based around a vocal sample of Frank Sinatra. We had technical difficulties towards the end of this song. I've edited out most of the buzzing but left in a bit at the tail end for those who like noise. Mmmm.
My Darling Darjeeling mp3
older encodings, lower quality
Duck mpa
What can you say? Ha Ha Ha.
Justified ambient disco epic.
Arvo Party mpa
It ain't pop - Adlib sound collage.
Brian Counts mpa
Wilson in full effect
Polka Dots mpa
Brady needs a date
The Gravity Of Sound mpa
Sweet, confused
[studio photo] Vergiftung were:

Matt Sharp
David Whittemore
Brady Branam
John Davison
Jody Long
Martin Stebbing

and their guests - sampled or otherwise.

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Last Perfect Day
My version of LPD is a tad bit different than this one. Brady's inaudible pseudoBrit voc's don't nearly match the quality of the backing trax. (Your niece Sara will be doing the voc's on my take....)
Keep up the good work!
Moe, IN 27Apr2013 8:32 PM
Good stuff
Stumbled accross your site by accident and am happy to start downloading some Vergiftung. I have vaugue and drunken memories of a live Vergiftung show where I played an orange stool and various bits of metal hung by strings with no skill but much passion. It was at a party at the Loach house many, many years ago. Good stuff. Hope all are well.
Portland , USofA 29Jun2005 10:25 PM
brady branam
looking for brady branam. if anyone speaks to him, please tell him krista lane says hi. thanks.
indpls, in 4Jun2005 10:02 PM
Buddy Epsen is dead
Dear Vergiftung,
Buddy Epsen is dead. Happened last week.
Yes,I am still in contact with the Belgian Waffles. I saw them a few weeks ago in Louisville. They did the Rocket form the Tombs standard NonAlignment Pact plus John Cale's Fear with a sort of Third Uncle(Eno version) vibe plus brand new songs you never heard of.
Embarrassingly,I unsuccessfully tried to establish civilized contact with Indoor Boy. I guess part of being hip is still saying prog is bad. If there is any justice in the world,Don's children will grow up to be rebellious teenagers with Yes and Genesis records blasting away on their stereos. I have noticed there are at least two new bands today that sound like Indoor Boy(of 1996-7): Interpol and Archvisceral Parlour. Interpol is famous. Archvisceral Parlour are not. I would go to a new Indoor Boy concert,but I don't want to get into a fist fight because I may accidentally mention Don sounds almost as good on guitar as Robert Fripp. Its not easy having my own individual musical taste these days.
What type of music are you doing these days?I have been doing some things with samples that you may find interesting. One of my projects will involve abusing technology to construct a Genesis song solely out of Belgian Waffles samples(yes,they hate prog too). Perhaps another will be a hip hop song made out of Indoor Boy bits.(I already consider Indoor Boy to be prog,so it would be pointless to reassemble them back into it). Do you know how I can contact Negativland?
Thank you,
John A Knight
Indianapolis,In 17Jul2003 7:46 PM
We totally should, dude.
A reunion to end all reunions.
raleigh, north cakalak 9Jun2003 8:10 PM
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